Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week at the Library (7 September)

This week at the library I've put entirely too much on my plate. For starters, I'm knee deep in Will Durant's The Renaissance, which is surprisingly..not all that interesting. So far it's been three hundred pages of petty Italian city-state politics mixed in with some art discussion.  I'm still wading into a prose version of The Iliad, which is proving to be interesting. The gods are actual characters in the stories: one of them deflects an arrow shot Menelaus (the man who thought his pride was worth an eleven-year war) so that it only makes him angry instead of killing him. And, so help me, I've gotten interested in my big Marcus Aurelius biography after all this time.

At the library, I picked up Physics Made Simple and Sharpe's Gold, along with a formal and complete translation of Epictetus' works. I've read an interpretation of Epictetus before (The Art of Living, Sharon Lebell), but it's not Epictetus proper. I don't know why on earth I'm arranging so many books for myself to read, but I also borrowed Your Faith, Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church from a most kind rector as I'm continuing to learn about the Anglican faith.

In terms of books I've read this week, I have two reviews outstanding. I finally managed to make progress on my comments for The Big Rock Candy Mountain, and am short only a paragraph. Astronomy Made Simple and The Feather Merchants by Max Shulman need reviews, though both will be fairly short.

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