Monday, September 12, 2011

Teaser Tuesdayish (13 September)

Well, it's Tuesday in most of the world. Time for a teaser, then. Or three.

"Get him out, sir? There's two regiments there!"
"So? That's only eight hundred men. There are fifty-three of us."

p. 64, Sharpe's Gold. Bernard Cornwell.

Hogan, he thought, was right. If a miracle were needed to save the campaign, and it was, then the rogue he had just seen was the best man for the job. More than a rogue: a fighter, and a man who looked on failure as unthinkable. But a rogue, thought Wellington, a damned rogue all the same. 

p. 31, Sharpe's Gold. Bernard Cornwell.

Suppose I should say to a wrestler, 'Show me your muscle'. And he should answer me, 'See my dumb-bells'. Your dumb-bells are your own affair; I want to see the effect of them.
"Take the treatise 'On Choice', and see how thoroughly I have perused it.
I am not asking about this, O slave, but how you act in choosing and refusing, how you manage your desires and aversions, your intentions and purposes, how you meet events -- whether you are in harmony with nature's laws or opposed to them. If in harmony, give me evidence of that, and I will say you are progressing; if the contrary, you may go your way, and not only comment on your books, but write some like them yourself; and what good will it do you?

p. 13-14. The Discourses, book four ("On Progress"). Epictetus.


  1. Good teaser! Sounds like a historical.


  2. Great Teasers
    Here is my Teaser this week. =]

  3. Love the teasers - Bernard Cornwell is wonderful.

    Here's my Teaser from Hades! ~ Wendi

  4. Nice, you have three teasers to share. You must like this book a lot. Appears like most of the fragments could elicit long discussions among readers.


    Here's my teaser. I also have three teasers - but coming from three different sources, at that.

  5. Love the teasers. I haven't heard much about this book until now. Thanks for the intro. My Teaser

  6. Good thing there's 53 of them! Only 52 might not work. :) Great tease.

    Here's mine:

  7. Interesting teasers.

    here's mine:


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