Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Week at the Library (14 September)

This week at the library...

I'll be finishing a biography of Marcus Aurelius, as well as the Discourses and Handbook of Epictetus. As it turns out, reading them together gives me a complementary experience, as Epictetus's philosophy inspired Marcus' own, and the author of the biography spends time comparing and contrasting the two.

At the library, I picked up:

  • Sharpe's Escape, Bernard Cornwell
  • The Reformation, Will Durant. Considering my current study of Anglicanism, I'm actually looking forward to this one despite my usual abhorrence of theology. 
  • I also picked up Walking with Dinosaurs, because I needed something science-y. That Physics Made Simple book turns out to require knowledge of trigonometry which I don't have. Alas. 

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