Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teaser Tuesday (6 September)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish event hosted by Should Be Reading in which people share a brief excerpt from their current read.

"Most wretched Paris, would you shame us further? Have you not brought dishonour and grief enough on Troy already? Coward, and stealer of other men's wives, I wish that you had died before you went to Sparta."

p. 23, The Illiad. Translated/interpreted by Barbara Leone Picard. This is the Illiad told in prose, not verse. This will not be the last time Hector refers to Paris as "most wretched".


  1. I knew that teaser sounded familiar. Read this book a long time ago!

    Like you blog title! We go to the library every week. Noticed you are doing a non-fiction challenge. Perhaps you would like the book I wrote: "My Funny Dad, Harry." Some other non-fiction we've read recently that were good are "Growing Up Colt" and "A Stolen Life."

  2. How much I've heard about this one in school! I haven't read much from it, but we did get some excerpts and it definitely sounds good. I hope you enjoy it! My teaser can be found here!

  3. Been forever since I've read this one. Thanks for the reminder tease.

    House Millar - TT


  4. Excellent teaser! It's been so long since I read The Iliad, and I've always intended to do a re-read. A prose version might be a good choice this time.


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