Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Podcast of the Week: Butterfly Spanish

My podcast time in recent weeks has been largely devoted to listening to lessons on YouTube;  I've been trying to restore my high school Spanish for several months now, using an app called DuoLingo on a daily basis and studying Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish as well as Spanish Made Simple.  One of my favorite Youtube channels for Spanish is hosted by a young woman named Ana. who is as personable as can be imagined.  She teaches Spanish like she's in high school, talking to her friends and goofing off along the way.

Another interesting channel, Bueno Estonces, uses music to teach. 

The publishers choose slower tempo songs that give viewers time to read the lyrics & translation posted on the screen, with grammar connections highlighted. 


  1. I lived in Mexico for a year when I was young and later took classes in Spanish... I got fairly capable at it but had great trouble understanding it, especially with the fast speech of the mujeres...
    I came to the conclusion that basic Spanish wasn't too difficult, but that learning it fluently was very hard... I'm still blown away by those who are bilingual.. I wish you much luck with your pursuit of it...

  2. I meant to add, Margot K is fluent-she used to teach it...

  3. One language about Latin Americans, Flama, has a video comparing the various kinds of accents -- the comedienne hosting it insisting that Dominicans and Mexicans speak so rapidly that even their fellow Hispanophones found them hard to follow.

    What part of Mexico did you live in? Back in high school when I first developed an interest in Mexico and Spain via studying the language (an interest that has been resurrected in the last year), I thought about visiting some day. That was before 2006, when the cartel warfare got REALLY bad.

  4. I had a job in la sinfonica de la noroeste in1963-4; a memorable time... That was in Chihuahua...


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