Friday, May 26, 2017

Off to St. Augustine

Dear readers, you may remember a few months back I read a slew of books on colonial Florida's history. I did so with purpose, for I'd then scheduled a four-day trip down to the Florida coast, with the aims of spending two days in St. Augustine.   Wish me well, for I'm off to drive seven hours. I'll be driving almost as many miles as I did in New Mexico, but with six days compressed into two.  It's Memorial Day weekend, too, but if I can handle Albuquerque during the Balloon Fiesta, I can handle anything shy of Atlanta.   My rental this round is a luxurious-looking  Hyundai Veloster.  Yowza!

Until Tuesday!


  1. my gosh, Stephen, that really looks like a traffic cop magnet! be careful driving through those southern states... on the other hand, maybe it will guarantee immunity because of the prestigious appearance...

  2. Thank you! Will be returning was a rich but tiring two days!

  3. I do like that fort design. Swedish isn't it (IIRC).


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