Monday, May 29, 2017

La Regresa

Well, dear readers, I have returned from two twelve-hour days walking around St. Augustine, bracketed by two seven hour drives. I have stood in the waves and watched the sun set over the city,  climbed a lighthouse fourteen stories above it,  and descended into basements to learn the stories of conquerors and architects from days gone by.  More importantly, I've passed two very full days -- arriving as the sun was rising and leaving after nightfall -- strolling the streets of a city brimming over with life and architectural richness.  It was a fantastic weekend.   At the moment I'm still resting and curating my photos, but here's a couple of previews:

Castille de San Marcos. 

Twilight rays on the Basilica of St. Augustine


  1. Sounds like a fun trip... But way to much for old bodies... Aside from the current reidence in a local motel evading a house full of formaldehyde, ou trips are pretty much limited to the grocery store and the adjacent flatlands for bike rides...I think I'm jealous.. Many tx for sharing your adventures...

  2. Stephen, I'm glad you enjoyed your adventure. To my mind, the Castille de San Marcos is one of the most remarkable and beautiful sites in the United States! I have great memories of my visits there.


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