Friday, May 13, 2011


The past couple of days have been a little strange, not being able to read any blogs. While I don't post every day,  there are a number of blogs (book-related and otherwise) I visit several times a day. Since Blogger's status page also inaccessible, I received updates from their twitter page. I only lost one post (which has since been restored), though there were a couple of comments lost as well. I don't think an outage like this has happened before, at least not in my years (late 2006) using it.  I am not too disgruntled: accidents happen.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I'll also be finishing The Sea Wolf by Jack London, which I started a few days ago.  Now that blogger is back up and running there are a couple of book reviews I hope to publish tonight or tomorrow. I'm also going to look into backing the blog up on my hard drive. Since I already have a wordpress address reserved (mostly to prevent another blogger from using the name and thus getting people confused -- that has happened), I may use it as a mirror one day. Currently they are no posts there -- I have not developed it at all.

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  1. I permanently lost one post and several comments, but nothing huge. It reminded me that backing up my computer isn't enough - I need to do that for my blogs as well.

    At least two of the Blogger bloggers whose blogs I subscribe to have shifted over to Wordpress since the crash. I don't blame them.


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