Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Beach Reads

Road trip! Vacation! Quick, I need ten books to pass the time with.  (From the Broke and the Bookish.)

1. The Rainmaker, John Grisham.
A favorite hen I'm going anyplace, Rainmaker is thick yet small enough to fit easily in my jeans pocket. Its central story of a young lawyer taking on a great big evil insurance company, defended by soulless guns-for-hire attorneys, is always compelling.

2. Blood Memory, Greg Iles. I bought this for my sister on her birthday,  and after reading it she wanted me to try it out myself. Haven't gotten around to it, though she has my copy of Echo Park by Michael Connelly so we're kinda even on the lent/borrowed balance.

3. Any Black Widowers collection, Isaac Asimov. It doesn't matter which,  but I am fond of reading a story with lunch or supper from time to time -- useful when grabbing a bite to eat on the road.

4. Any Harry Potter novel, J.K. Rowling  They're all fantastically charming, though I think I'd go with one of the first four given their more lighthearted bent.

5. Most anything by Carl Sagan (because a book on nuclear winter doesn't make for good beach reading, unless of course it's On the Beach.)   Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors would work splendidly.

6 & 7: A couple of Star Trek novels, preferably ones I've not yet read. (The last titles in Vanguard and Titan would do nicely, as would Federation by the Reeves-Stevens.

8. The Complete Stories of Isaac Asimov, volume II.

9. Another entry in the Harry Bosch mysteries by Michael Connelly

10. Perhaps one of Alison Weir's English history works/.


  1. I thought about choosing the Harry Potter series, but there are some real sad moments in the books. I'd probably only take 1-3. 4 is fun too, but the end is sad.

  2. Harry Potter and the beach go hand in hand. Also, I keep meaning to read something by Carl Sagan - Thanks for the kick...


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