Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week at the Library (25 May)

I've yet to write my review of To Kill a Mockingbird (past the first paragraph, anyway), but I loved it. I'm still enjoying The Ethical Assassin: if what I've read so far is an indication of what is to come, I will be enjoying the author further.

Today at the library I picked up:

  • Biology Made Simple, following up on last week's Physical Science Made Simple. Like it, I will probably devote an hour a night to reading Biology, as though I am in class. 
  • Angels and Demons, Dan Brown. I'm in the mood for some historical silliness. 
  • The Age of Faith, Will Durant. Yep, I am getting back on the horse. Let's do this, corrupt aristocrats, cruel churchmen, and fanatic holy warriors! 
  • Walter Lord's The Miracle at Dunkirk is still on the table, or more accurately, 'on the couch'. 

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