Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Tenish Booking Resolutions

We're only in the second week of the New Year, so it's not too late to make resolutions: the Broke and the Bookish is calling for biblio-blogging-related resolutions this wear. I'm not actually much for resolutions, but the yearly changeover does provide a nice opportunity to consider goals for the next few months.

1. Think about upgrading the blog template this year.  May will mark four years of weekly visits to the library, and as content as I am with the blog's current look I suppose a change is in order. I'm quite pleased with the new look for my philosophy/humanities blog,  which is encouraging. I don't have any ideas currently, though: I've considered making a photograph of my home library the background, but  I suspect the blog itself would obscure  most of the picture.

2.  Read more science. In 2009, I remarked that my science reading seemed down -- and it slipped further last year. I don't wish to continue that kind of trend, so when I have spending money perhaps I should divert it toward pop-science books instead of more Star Trek paperbacks...

3. Continue in my  'religious/cultural literacy' private studies, especially in regards to Hinduism. I've only read the Gita.

4. Continue reading classic literature and books which played significant role in human history, though I wouldn't expect The Wealth of Nations or Das Kapital to make any appearances. ;-)

5. Take those ten "to be read' books from last year seriously. I'm reading one at present for leisure reading, and I could very well finish it soon. It's an anthology, though, so it's not as if stopping in the middle would prevent me from  resuming it in the future.

6. As finances allow, look into reading more translations from Stephen Mitchell. He translates and interprets classical and religious literature, and I'm particularly interested in his version of the Epic of Gilgamesh. He's one of those authors I want to read more of, yet never think about when I'm approaching Amazon with my debit card in hand.

7. Stay active in the biblio-blogging community. I started following Teaser Tuesday, Top Ten Tuesdays, and Booking through Thursday this year and have met a number of fellow readers who enjoy writing about the books they're engaged with. I'd like to become more active, though not necessarily in the meme-following sense. (Three is enough,, I think..)

8. Maybe...use Twitter more. Though it comes as a great surprise to some people, I actually have a twitter feed.  I signed some point within the last two years so I could follow Darth Vader.  The initial posts were personal ("Psychology professor just walked in on me while listening to "Call Me" by Go West."), but this year I started commenting on the books I was reading. I think I should comment on little discoveries as I'm reading, instead of just saying which book I've started. I could use it as a record of odd tidbits.

9. Follow up on old leads. Alison Weir was supposed to be a great discovery for my history reading, but I..forgot about her nonfiction works. Not sure how I managed that given that her biography of Elizabeth I sits openly on the shelves above my computer.

10. Continue enjoying Top Ten Tuesdays, of course! 


  1. Number's 2 & 4 will definitely be a part of my reading this year too...

  2. I'd like to connect more with those who read the same kinds of books I do. That can be difficult.

    Oh, and do you know about Bloggista? It's coming up soon. It's designed to be a weekend where you work on your blog. With others.

    Good luck!

    Here's my list of Top Ten Bookish, Bloggish Resolutions.

  3. Keeping a good balance between networking and actually reading is hard for me.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. here's mine

  5. Great resolutions. It sounds like you have taken your time to consider these thoughtfully. Good luck!

  6. Twitter confuses me sometimes. I use it but I'm still getting the hang of it!

    Good luck changing your blog's template! You could put the picture of your home library at the top as a header where it says your blog name.

    I love your #10! We love hosting Top Ten Tuesday every week! :)

    Jen at The Broke and the Bookish

  7. Changing your blog layout is a fun resolution! It can be kind of frustrating but also very nice to have a new look (and maybe some new widgets/gadgets)!

  8. Stephen Mitchell, you say? Hmmmmm...I may have to look into that name...


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