Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Books Books I Resolve to Read in 2011

This week the Broke and the Bookish expect us to commit to at least ten books, particularly those which have sat meekly in the 'pile of books to read' for a while.

1. Marcus Aurelius: A Life, Frank McLynn
I've had this book for nearly ear now. Probably should get around to reading it, right?

2. A People's History of the World, Chris Harman
I bought this back in the spring intending to read it during the summer.

3. The Age of Absurdity, Michael Foley

Hey, it isn't my fault I haven't read this yet. I ordered it before Thanksgiving, but it vanished somewhere over the Atlantic: I bought it from a firm in England. Either the Royal Mail or the USPS lost it, so they (WorldBooksUSA) sent me another copy. It arrived just recently. 

4. The Age of Faith, Will Durant
Reading about the decline and fall of the Roman empire followed by centuries of religious war sounds depressing, but I want to continue in this series.

5. The Confessions, Augustine of Hippo
I did begin reading this earnestly the first two weeks I had it, but then Vikings distracted me. I can't blame Bernard Cornwell completely, though.

6. Paths of Disharmony, Dayton Ward.
Okay, I don't need to make a Most Solemn Oath to read this book.  I expect on getting it in some way for my birthday.  I don't think I've ever read Dayton Ward, and since this is a TNG book I'm looking forward to it.

7. The Essential Epicurus: Letters, Principal Doctrines, Vatican Sayings, and Fragments. 
Same story as Aurelius and People's history, really.

8. The Complete Stories (Volume 2), Isaac Asimov
I bought this in the fall of 2009 for $12 or $15. The remaining copies on Amazon sell anywhere from $60 to $140. I read the first volume in the set this year. The series isn't actually complete-- Asimov kept writing stories, which makes producing a complete collection difficult, and I like to think the publishers threw their hands up in frustration that Asimov had simply written too many stories for them to corner. 

9. Over a Torrent Sea, Christopher L. Bennett
Though I've not read many Titan novels, Bennett's Orion's Hounds pleased me greatly. I've enjoyed every book I've read by the author, so this is something to look forward to when I finally buy it. 

10. The Outline of History, H.G. Wells
Well, why not? I've walked past it and stared with interest enough times. 


  1. Man. your list makes my list look like baby stuff. Very lofty goals you have there.

  2. The perils of a history student, I'm afraid. ;-)

  3. Asimov! One of the authors that cemented my love of reading! What a great list! (you can do it) :)

  4. I'm especially curious about Marcus Aurelius!

  5. I am impressed with the history books as well. Good luck with them.

  6. An awesome list! Good luck with your goals! :")

  7. A nicely eclectic list you have there :-)

  8. Fascinating list. I have had the People's History on my TBR stack forever, along with From Dawn to Decadence (another enormous and highly regarded history book) but I just don't think I'll get to either of these this year.

    Here's my list of ten books to read this year.

  9. Your list is awesome. I want to read Confessions at some point too.

    Also, how have I not heard of A People's History of the World? With a blurb from the late great Howard Zinn, I now want this.

    Fab list!


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