Friday, January 21, 2011

This Library Has a New Look

I threatened to move this blog to the new Blogger template last year after Let Me Be Frank made such an impressive transition, and now I've gone and done it.  I wanted to make the background either my home library or a large reading room and ultimately went with the latter. At the moment I have two concerns about the blog's look: first, it seems a bit....dark. If you are not viewing the blog on a widescreen monitor, some of the picture is cut off -- including my favorite part, the "NO CELLPHONES" sign. That's what sold me on the picture to begin with! (I take pleasure in staying disconnected! ;-) ) I think the cut-off eliminates the brighter portions of the background and makes the blog as a whole seem darker. Secondly, the font color may make it harder for some viewers' eyes. If this is a problem for you, please let me know.  White may stand out more.

Here's what you are missing if you are not viewing this on a widescreen monitor, by the way:

I bought a new PC back in the fall of 2009, and as a consequence I've gotten positively spoiled: the blog's appearance on more squarish monitors never occurred to me.  Baley of The Reader's Book Blog showed me what it looked like from her end, and while it's not as...attractive as the widescreen view, it also hasn't prompted me to go back to ye old drawing board.  I may see what the page looks like with a background picture of my home library in the future, but ever since adding that Cumulative Reading List 'page' last night, I've been wanting to complete the transition to modernity.

Special thanks to Jamie of the Broke and the Bookish for telling me how to convert Great Big Lists of Labels into delightfully tidy drop-down lists, and to Baley for her feedback and encouragement.


  1. Aww, you are very welcome! I do like the drop down menus! Nice touch! And as I mentioned, I do really like the background image. ;)

  2. I really like the new look of your blog. I was so excited when I changed the look of mine.

  3. @ Baley: I particularly like the big windows and walls of the books.

    @ Loni: Thanks! Your background is lovely as well. Very seasonally appropriate, of course, though it makes me want to bring a blanket with me to the computer chair. ;-)

  4. Really like the new background - even if my screen struggles with it a bit as I scroll down the page.

    What a lovely library to explore and then sit in to check out your findings!

  5. Sorry to hear about it being a 'struggle'. What in particular is giving you a problem, do you think? If it's the Shelfari widget, I only added that last night and am not entirely sure I want to keep it.

    Glad you like the background, though.

  6. I think that it just takes a bit longer to refresh. Might be my graphics card or any number of things.

    It certainly doesn't stop me coming by and reading here though!

  7. These new templates are considerably more..."involved" than the old blogs, which were simple affairs. Do you have the same problem with Let me Be Frank's template?

    Glad to hear you'll keep coming around. Hopefully the new library atmosphere will encourage more guests to linger. ;-)


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