Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Brief note

My wireless adapter failed over the weekend, and I'm expecting a new one in either tomorrow or Thursday. (I'm a typing terror with a keyboard, but my tablet key-fu is only fair.) In the meantime I've been reading, so expect the ball to start rolling again pretty quickly!   Lots to come in the areas of science, the digital world, and a bit of business/economics. There's also some science fiction coming up the pike...think Ed Wood and Joe Haldeman.


  1. Hang in there! I just went through modem/router failure and replacement this weekend. My tech skills are stuck at the portable typewriter level, so anything involving computers and the Internet can quickly blow my mind. Good luck!

  2. Fortunately this won't involve much skill, just installing a driver...rather annoying interlude, though! I've yet to have an adapter that lasted 2 years...1.5 or so seems to be the average.

  3. The adapter is a USB device I plug into my computer to allow it to get onto Wifi -- weirdly they aren't standard equipment for desktops yet.