What I've Read This Year

Items in bold are superior favorites.

-- January --
1. The Rooster Bar, John Grisham
2. Star Trek the Fall: Ceremony of Losses, David Mack
3. Star Trek the Fall: The Poisoned Chalice, James Swallow
4. Poetry Night at the Ballpark, Bill Kauffman
5. Lessons from a Lemonade Stand,  Connor Boyack
6. Star Trek the Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms, Dayton Ward
7.  Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America,  Michael Ruhlamn
8. Amsterdam: A History of the World's Most Liberal City,  Russell Shorto
9. Fools and Mortals, Bernard Cornwell
10. Munich, Robert Harris
11. Fares, Please! A Popular History of Trolleys, Horsecars, Streetcars,Buses, Elevateds, and Subways, John Anderson Miller
12. Every Man a King, Bill Kauffman

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