2018: Peoples of the Americas

My goal in 2018 is to remedy my general ignorance about the United States' southern neighbors, as well as learn about a few native American tribes. My plan is to begin with tribes of North America,   move through the Aztecs, Maya, and Inca to South America, and then pursue some modern histories of nations in Central and South America. I will keep track of my reading on this page. 


  1. Can I recommend reading about that "shithole" Haiti. As tragedies several hundred of years of French rule and American interference, invasions and abuse. And then a catastrophic earthquake which killed hundred of thousand and destroyed nearly everything. My son went there shortly after and described what he saw and how little aid was coming in. That's not what American media portrayed...:(

    1. Yes, I'm hoping to find something that covers Haiti and the D.R. together, since they're neighbors on the same island.

      (Did your son make any mention of Doctors without Borders? Their literature at the time was intensely focused on Haiti relief efforts.)