Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Love > Despair

Since 2007 I have found Playing for Change -- an organization that brings people from around the world together to make music together, their different instruments and instruments blending together beautifully -- a glorious beacon of joy,  hope, and goodness. So, I'd like to use them to deliver a  broadside against the sheer meanness of today and the year that has led to it.

"About ten years ago my town suffered a terrible terrorist atrocity. There has been a divide in our country which has unsettled the nation for such a long time...and I decided soon after this atrocity that I would try and bring people closer together. "

Love, rescue me.
Come forth and speak to me.
Raise me up, and don't
let me fall...

No man is my enemy
My own hands imprison me.
I say -- "Love, rescue me."

The group singing above was organized in response to an explosion in Northern Ireland which killed over thirty people, two of them unborn babies, and wounded hundreds more.

A few more songs of defiant joy and love abundant: