Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (27-7)

Teaser Tuesdays aren't quite as bloody as French history, but they are as much fun. From ShouldBeReading.

Poor France: it was roughly a hundred years since the country had been torn apart by the Wars of Religion; two centuries back she was being ravaged by the Hundred Years' War. Only one century ahead she would be approaching the chaos of revolution; two centuries on and Paris would be plunged into the bloody insurrection of 1848; three centuries, and the country would be barely recovering from Occupation and Vichy. Now it was the time of the "Frondes". 

137, La Belle France: a Short History, Alistair Horne.


  1. Poor France indeed! Unusual tease - I like it!

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    It’s a song taken from the book ;)

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  2. Funny, I never think of France as a violent place, but it's got quite the history.

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  3. France does have an interesting history, doesn't it? Lots of blood spilled, though. Good teaser!

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