Monday, March 25, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday: Games to Audiobook To

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is an audiobook-related freebie, annnnd...I’m really going to run with that “freebie” designation, because below follow my Top Ten Favorite Games to Play While Listening to Audiobooks!  

Christmas as usual at the Schaefer household...

    1. The Sims.   I’ve played The Sims  on a regular basis – several times a week – since 2000, a fate that no other game series can challenge. Whether I’m exploring their digital worlds, telling fanciful stories, or fooling around with the architectural tools, it’s my favorite game to play to just relax  with.

 2. EuroTruck Simulator II/American Truck Simulator.  These games, identical save their maps, allow players to take jobs shuttling goods from city to city, all the while dodging police, navigating traffic,  watching out for hazards, and going through weigh and toll stations.   Unless you're navigating a roundabout, boarding the Channel tunnel, or parking, doesn't require a lot of attention, so it's good to have something to listen to.

3.Sid Meier’s Pirates (2004).  A rare instant favorite, Pirates allows players to sail the Carribean, whatever they want, really.  Sacking ships, hunting pirates,  ballroom dancing, fencing, treasure hunting, scoundrel-chasing,   fighting battles on land and at sea -- it's all here.

A playthrough of the Medieval scenario in which I, playing the Byzantine Empire, took back the Holy Land and then Europe, starting with the 'other' Rome.

  4. Civilization III.  I say Civ3 deliberately, because I know it so well I can play without having to be too attentive. I've modded mine extensively over the years,  from adding new units just to play with, to turning my advisors into Star Trek  officers. (I even found how to edit the game's script to have a little fun...)

 5-7. Vice City/San Andreas/GTAV.   Although the GTA series is mostly known for the amount of chaos players can create,   I’m perfectly happy just driving the taxi and listening to podcasts while picking up virtual passengers, or in the case of San Andreas, going on trucking missions. 

8. Mafia is another favorite to combine tax missions and podcasts, set in a thirties-era city reminiscent of Chicago or New York.

9. Star Wars Battlefront (the original) is another where I can just zone out, shooting droids or clones.

10. Red Dead Redemption 2 may find itself on the list, as I spend more time hunting all the critters -- or fishing -- and less time being an outlaw.   I include it in anticipation, since I've been playing it nonstop for going on a week now.

That's it, really!


  1. The Sims would be the perfect game to listen to an audiobook to!

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

    1. Especially Sims 4 -- it's so easy on system resources I can alt tab in and out at will.

  2. haha love your choice of topic. Pacman and an audiobook is my ultimate de-stress :D

  3. Nostalgia trip... I used to play these kinds of easygoing PC games. Train Simulator, Zoo/Ski Tycoon, Restaurant Empire, and Let's Ride! Champions. Never got into Civ, but my brother loves it.

    Nowadays when I listen to podcasts, I usually just play Scorpion Solitaire, or maybe Sudoku if I'm feeling energetic. Sad in a way...I still have Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, left unfinished. (Though that one doesn't count as relaxing!)

    1. Tycoon games were wild for a while, probably thanks to Rollercoaster Tycoon. They're still popping up, too. Planet Coaster, Two Point HOspital...

      Hadn't heard of that Sherlock Holmes game!

  4. I haven't listened audiobooks very much while playing games, although I'm surprised I've never played Sims while listening to audiobooks (I usually just played it while watching TV). The closest I've come is playing puzzle games and listening to audiobooks right before bed.

    1. Ooh, another Simmer. Have you tried Strangetown?

  5. I love The Sims! Such a great game. I have it on almost every gaming platform. Great list.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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