Wednesday, May 11, 2016

World War 2 Index

This index includes only books read during the tenure of the blog, omitting those consulted but not read completely, like Walter Boyne's Influence of Air Power Upon History,  as well those given only marginal comments, like Primo Levi's Surviving Auschwitz.  Because this index will help guide my future reading, I have included empty categories.

Past is Prologue:  Weimar, Depression Politics, and the Rise of Japan

Hitler's Autobahn: The Road to War

Axis-Soviet Expansion

War in Asia

Duel of the Devils: Hitler v Stalin

The African Front

War in the Pacific

Espionage and Resistance

The Holocaust

Allied-Soviet Offenses

Towards Victory

Combatant Memoirs

Special Interest - WW2 Tie


  1. I thought I'd read quite a few WW2 books recently but looking at my actual reviews - not so much and most of them turned out to be fiction or even science-fiction. [grin] I do have some general history planned that covers 39-45 but noting specific until my 3rd tank book - then it's pre-20th century for a while. WW2 later in the year then!

    Of your list I've read The Battle of Britain by Len Deighton and I have copies of The Miracle of Dunkirk by Walter Lord, With Wings Like Eagles: A History of the Battle of Britain by Michael Korda and A Higher Call by Adam Makos and Larry Alexander.

    My focus and my main interest is when Britain stood alone - so really between France falling and the US materially making an impact after they joined the fight. Lots of material there though!

  2. You may have noticed virtually all of these books are from last year -- it's one of those topics, like the Civil War, that I'm familiar with enough that I don't actually read on it that often. I do intend on finishing that WW2 'blitz' through my local library's collection, but it'll be a while. Probably August at the soonest...

  3. This is great! I'll be relying upon this list for some upcoming reading.

    Note that I have changed my blogging focus and address; here is the link:

    I hope you and your many followers will visit and join the discussions. Thanks!


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