Friday, May 13, 2016

American History: the Index

Across the Bering:  Native America

The Age of Discovery and Colonization

The American Revolution

Early American Republic

Sectional Division and Civil War

Reconstruction and the Gilded Age

Early Modern

American Zenith

          =============== Special Topics =============
Constitutional History


Intellectual and Social Movements

Social History



  1. With my focus very much on Europe I have precious few non-fiction books on America or American subjects. One (at least) on the Civil War, a few on Native Americans and an upcoming triple on our countries sometimes less than 'special' relationship but that's about it.

  2. Most of my histories about Europe have been war-related, unfortunately, unless they're bout the Roman and medieval periods. Will Durant's epic series is exceptional, of course.

    How are native Americans perceived in the UK, generally? Do they have the stereotypes of teepees and noble savages, that sort of thing? I remember it was an English book, "Indian in the Cupboard", that schooled me fairly early on with the fact that few Indians actually lived in tipis. I was reminded of this recently when reading Cousteau's book on seals: one of his crewmembers was surprised to learn that no Eskimo in living memory had ever constructed an igloo. Igloos were more of an in-land thing, apparently.

    1. Not sure about generally but mostly I'd say as the 'noble savage' - although that's probably from movies rather than anything else - and as an oppressed people in what is in effect their own country.


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