Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teaser Tuesday (20 August)

It's easy to be foolish, he thought. It's dead simple, really. All you have to be is human and to allow yourself to do the human things, like fall in love with somebody when you know there's no point and when you know, too, that it's just going to make you unhappy. It's better to be stoic -- to be one of those people who manage to keep themselves to themselves, who manage to avoid letting go and becoming entangled in something they know from experience is going to cause unhappiness. Or is it?

p. 87, Trains and Lovers,  Alexander Maccoll Smith


  1. Alexander McCall Smith has written dozens of books, but somehow I haven't read any of them! This sounds like a good one to start with.
    My teaser is from THROUGH A YELLOW WOOD.

  2. That is a great teaser! Though I'm not familiar with the book haha. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week :)
    My teaser tuesday


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