Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Quick Book Survey

From the Broke and the Bookish:

1. The Book I'm Reading:
I've just started Paleofantasy by Marlene Zuk, which casts a critical eye toward arguments that we should live more like pre-agricultural man. I've read Zuk before, in Sex on Six Legs, about insects. At lunch I'm reading from A People's History of the Supreme Court.

2. The Book I Just Finished:
 I last finished  Save the Males, by Kathleen Parker. I found it while looking for books on males and masculinity on Amazon, and it turned up while I was shelving recently returned books at the library. Obviously, Fate wanted me to read the book. I wasn't too much impressed by it. Better luck next time, Fate.

3: The next book I want to read:
Power, Inc -- the Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government, David Rothkopf.

4. The Last Book I Bought:
Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of American Libertarianism, Brian Doherty.

5. The Last Book I Was Given:
I haven't gotten it yet, but will receive it next week: Lost Scriptures: Books That Didn't Make It Into the New Testament, Bart Ehrman.


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