Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Limited Wish

The universe is trying to kill Nick. Again. Last time, it was only leukemia. Now there are multiple visitors from divergent futures asking him for help breaking into a nuclear power plant, he's being stalked by a sociopathic mercenary, he's stumbling through one near-miss after another, and worst of all....the fate of the universe apparently depends on him going to a dance and leaving with the right date.   Ah, to be sixteen again!

Limited Wish is a follow up to One Word Kill, a SF novel interlaced with Dungeons and Dragons lore, and set in the mid-1980s.   Limited Wish continues that fusion, although there's not as much of the creepy mirroring of events and characters in the D&D campaign and the real world goings on.   The plot itself, however,  echoes the plot of the first book, and not accidentally; it's something to do with temporal mechanics. History not repeating itself but rhyming is a side effect of some paradox that's erupted.   What's different is that while last time Nick was told exactly what was going on,  this time his visitors from the future are just as confused as he is: in fact, the future-me from the last book pops up here, but it's an earlier him who is still trying to figure things out.

Although it's intended for younger audiences, I believe,  this series is fun so far.

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