Friday, October 12, 2018

The Wisdom of Whimsy

Just spotted a podcast about the importance reading whimsy in the modern age -- definitely giving that a listen tonight!

Source: "The Wisdom of Whimsy"

"The world can feel awfully grim these days. My news app makes me nervous. But here's the thing: Binge-watching the world burn will not make us able to save it. First, we must learn to love all the ordinary goodness of life, fill our souls with friendship, beauty, virtue. Before we can fight darkness we must be acquainted with the light.
This is why I think whimsical art is so important. 
Some people say lighthearted art isn't worth our time. That the world is too dark and difficult to focus on lighthearted things. However, we have to love what is good before we're brave enough fight for it. Whimsical art teaches us to love goodness, to celebrate innocence and kindness and loveliness. And that love of goodness energizes us to do defend it."


  1. Completely agree. Whimsy for the Win!

    1. On another subject, I finally ordered season 1 of Buffy. Should be here in time for Halloween!

    2. A re-watch for old times sake or a new introduction to a classic series? Don't be too disappointed with Series 1. It gets a LOT better.

    3. My first time, mostly for Hannigan but a little for the time period. Something from back then that I missed.

  2. Replies
    1. Can't help but think of Wodehouse when whimsy is mentioned!

  3. Wodehouse, yes. I have The Code of the Woosters, unread, which I'm saving for emergencies...or possibly sooner. Lately my family's been watching a 70s British comedy called Dad's Army, full of quirky, lovable characters. The world could certainly use more whimsy.


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