Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top Ten Books To Be Read....Someday?

This week the Broke and the Bookish- well, now Jana from That Artsy Reader Girl -- are discussing books that  have been on  our to-be-read lists for the longest time. Here are the top ten oldest books on my 'to-read-eventually' list, based on my Amazon wishlist and my Goodreads to-read shelf.

1. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World

One of the first books I ever added to my Amazon wishlist in 2005,  it has not gone under $25-$19 in thirteen years.  I will keep waiting. There are many books and I am a patient miser.

2. Greek Ways: How the Greeks Invented Western Civilization, Bruce Thornton

I keep not bothering with this one because I figure Who Killed Homer?  and The Echo of Greece have covered the area fairly well in my head.

3. Skylab: America's Space Station, David Shayler
"I want to read something about Skylab again", I apparently said at one point in 2006.  I've read a lot of human spaceflight books since then, but not this one.

4. How to be a Gentleman, John Bridges

I used to be obsessed with manners  in high school, something that came in handy when I graduated uni and started getting invited to dinner parties.   This did make me painfully formal for most of my teens and twenties, but now that I'm trekking into my thirties I have decided that I'd rather be a cowboy, instead. 

5. ST Voyager Spirit Walk, Book One: Old Wounds


Added this one back when I experienced Star Trek through its books, not re-watching the television episodes. It's the first attempt at a Voyager relaunch, but it's practically never mentioned favorably at TrekBBS.

6. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Annotated and Explained

Added December 2008, which was right about when I was starting to learn about Stoicism.  This one that would be read if there wasn't so much competition.

7. The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi

Added early 2010, when I was intently getting into reading Buddha and Gandhi.

8. Anarchism and Other Essays, Emma Goldman
Added Sept 2010.  I'd already read Red Emma Speaks in February of that year.

9.Coming of Age in the Milky Way, Timothy Ferris

One of the first books added to my TBR shelf on Goodreads when I joined it, based on their  reccomendation. This one that has a better-than-even chance of making it into the "read" pile some day, given that it's a history of science.

10. The Moral Animal: Why We Are  The Way We Are, Robert Wright

This is one I almost-buy twice a year.

Of this list, the last two have the most chance of actually being read, and a few others have a shot if they're cheap and I'm in the mood.


  1. I've read a lot of Star Trek novels over the years, but skipped Spirit Walk. So, I can't say if it's good or bad. But I will admit I am woefully behind on the continuation novels for the modern Trek series. And I don't see myself catching up any time soon. :)


    1. Oh, I'm pretty sure catching up is impossible for anyone -- there's so many series running at once. I JUST managed to get through "The Fall" series. I'm seeing some new authors on shelves, though -- not just Bennett, Mack, Beyer, and so on.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love our mention of how your tastes in reading options change... mine do too! It's the best part of about books there are always new options to fit my mood.

    Reading List

  3. it's revolting the way book prices keep going up! with fewer people reading one would think the opposite would happen, but no! I wanted a copy of Diary of a Bookseller, but they wanted $20 for it! gack!

    1. Well, with fewer readers there is more average cost to be born. S and D can be tricky.

  4. The oldest book on my Amazon Wish List: Waging War without Warriors?: The Changing Culture of Military Conflict (IISS Studies in International Security) by Christopher Coker added on April 20, 2008.

    1. Drones and robots - probably. Maybe I'll find out one say when/if I ever buy it!

  5. I've added Greek Ways to my TBR - hopefully it does not sit on my list as long as it has been on yours!

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  7. I also have a lot of books that have been waiting to be read for a long time.

    I can recommend both The Bhagavad Gita and Meditations. I loved them both.


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