Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fixing Your Computer

Fixing Your Computer: Absolute Beginner's Guide
© 2013 Paul McFedries
336 pages

This title is exactly as it describes itself, a beginner's guide to computer maintenance. McFedries begins with the computer as a whole, and takes readers through physical and digital cleanup -- going from compressed air canisters for keyboard gunk, to creating backup discs for your system. Then he takes readers inside the computer case itself, explaining the use of each component and offering information as to the specs for different parts one might see in the store.  He offers lists of reputable parts suppliers, and then delivers step by step instructions for taking out and replacing parts -- including the processor itself.  The sections are written to be read independent of one another, so someone just taking a look at one page won't miss any background advice, like how to avoid static  electricity buildup.

This is a very useful book for reference,  and despite the release of Windows 10, remains current. I checked it out because I'm contemplating cannibalizing one of my first computers, using its DVD drive to replace a sputtering one in another of my machines. I read the whole thing, though, as I've only lately even learned to identify all of the stuff inside the computer.

If you are interested in computer hardware, one my favorite YouTube channels' is LazyGameReviews, which despite its name is not just about gaming, nor is it remotely lazy. The host does a lot of work, and primarily features older and odder technology.  I found him via his series on 'oddware', while looking for some computer design from the 1980s.


  1. boy, do i need this book! tx for the post...

    1. You're welcome! I may look at a few more in this vein..


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