Sunday, November 12, 2017

Caves, Columbia, and Canyons (oh my)

What a weekend! I've been on the road,  using Decatur as a camp to visit several spots in north Alabama the past few days.  That included some natural wonders -- Cathedral Caverns and Dismals Canyon --as well as a few cities I've never been to, like Decatur and Florence. I also spent time in Huntsville, which I haven't visited since the early Clinton years.  One highlight: my first experience with Persian cuisine, in the form of kabob bakhtiari! I'll be putting a few pictures together (and shopping for a wide-angle lens...) later in the week. Here are some sneak previews, though..

Saturn V, Huntsville

Cathedral Caverns

Florence, Al

Dismals Canyon


  1. somehow i always picture east of the Missippissi as treeless and i'm always surprised when i see how many there actually are... looking forward to your other photos...

    1. Hah! When I look at the tree cover of the south east on Google maps, I wonder that we found any space at all to farm!

    2. living in my own delusions, i guess...


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