Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading All Around the World?

A few days ago I caught wind of a project that took me aback with its ambition. Several blogs/readers, including Cleopatra of the  Classical Carousel, are attempting read books from across the world, either fiction or nonfiction. This is being hosted by Howling Frog and Chapter Adventures. I found it intriguing because I'm engaged in that sort of reading, myself; last year I did an extended series in middle-east history, and this year I'm turning to Asia. Following that I've been playing with the idea of a split year in the "global south",  spending six months in Africa and then six months in South America. Another project I've had in mind is a "Eurotour" in which I read my way through Europe, beginning in Portugal and trekking all the way to the Balkans.   Considering I'll be reading across the globe anyway, I might as well do it in company, rather as I'm doing with the Classics Club. Like the classics club this would be a long-term project.    While nothing is finalized, consider this a "toe in the water" sort of move on my part, a declaration of interest..


  1. i'm sure Jean and cleo would more than welcome your company...

  2. I'm planning to do something vaguely similar. Although I'm concentrating on European history (counting the UK until we *officially* leave the EU - [grin]) I'm also going to expand it a bit by reading about Europeans around the world - as we've gotten about a bit over the years. So, definitely America, definitely Russia and probably China this year. I also have books lined up on Spain, Ireland, Arabia and even a few on the North Pole... oh, and the Mediterranean.

  3. The north pole should be interesting. One person involved in this RRW challenge said that they were including Antartica!


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