Friday, September 23, 2016

This the Land of Enchantment

Tomorrow morning, dear readers, I will wake up dark and early and scurry to an airport,   off to spend a week in New Mexico.  In the words of Bilbo Baggins, I am GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!  I have never flown before, never driven in a major city, never traveled alone, and have never even been outside the South.  I'd say I've got an interesting week ahead!  Some posts have been scheduled in my absence, and I hope to return in a week with a mind awed and a camera full.  If I do not return -- if my plane should unexpectedly land on the side of a mountain, if I am bushwhacked by highwaymen, If I become forever lost in DFW trying to find the right terminal,  or if I am kidnapped by some drug cartel to become their on-staff purveyor of  Anglo-American folk songs --  it's been a fine nine years. I'm pretty sure I'll return in one piece, though -- and so, until then!


  1. Thanks! Enormous fun was had. :-D Every day brought new vistas and adventures.

    As to which parts -- I landed in El Paso, drove through the plains to Carlsbad, then north to Roswell, then west through more mountains (with trees, this time!) to Ruidoso, trailed south to Alamagordo, further south to Las Cruces, and then north to ABQ and Santa Fe, with a detour out into the middle of Socorro County to visit the VLA. Whew!)


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