Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fresh Air and a Fresh Look

It's a new look for This Week at the Library! I've been yearning to get away from that dark theme for nearly two years now, but just couldn't find the quintessential background. Then I realized: my old philosophy blog has a look I really like, so I'm borrowing it. In back we have the Stoa of Attalos, and the image not only makes for a brighter experience, but one that brings to mind the life of the classical tradition. In my search for wisdom and the humane life, it is ideal.  I've also played with things a bit so there's more room in the middle for text.  The desire end is that this is easier for people to read.

For posterity's sake, there's the old look. It ran from Oct 2011. My Shelfari gadget sticks out now, but Shelfari is merging with Goodreads, so I don't know if that will even be supported for long.


  1. A new look and quite nostalgic at the same time [grin].

  2. Great look and helpful improvement for these tired old eyes.


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