Monday, December 14, 2015

Midway (Maybe)

With the end of the year only a little over two weeks away, it's high time for me to knock off that classic romance. I've had Emma checked out for weeks with little headway made, not that I've made a serious attempt. Better get to it, though, because someone has tagged me on facebook with the 2016 Reading Challenge.  That one actually seems easier, though a couple of entries ("A Book Recommended By Someone You Just Met") will be more..interesting than most. 

After two months of reading I’ve finally reached 1942 in my World War 2 reading set,  and am presently giving attention to the opening action in the Pacific  I think I’m closer to the end of this set than the beginning, because  I don’t expect much else from Europe: a book on Anglo-American bombing,  a pair on the Eastern Front, then one book each on Italy, D-Day, the Bulge, and the fall of Berlin.  I’m not sure about the Pacific. I'm going to read at least one book on the Sino-Japanese war (either Forgotten Ally or When Tigers Fight), and then play it by ear. Certainly Midway will feature, and at least one island campaign. It hasn't been too long since I read With the Old Breed, though, so I don't need much of a refresher there. When you see The Fall of Berlin and Hiroshima, though, that’ll be the end of this, and I will have sampled a substantial portion of my library’s World War 2 selection, at least thirty books.  And to think  there still remains more yet unread...

Mixing all this up as we head into the new year will be science (with two new acquisitions not included on that TBR list) and subjects of civic or commercial interest. The first of those was Hack, a book I've been meaning to buy for at least five years. It's actually made it inside my cart and then been taken out before.  (Ten years ago, I briefly considering driving cabs, and the next morning saw in the paper that a local cabby had been shot. My curiosity remains exercised only vicariously, through games like Mafia and GTA that allow the player to take fares.) 


  1. I just discovered your fine blog -- via another blogger's links -- and I've enjoyed browsing. My problems with _Emma_ sound a lot like yours: I had a hard time getting beyond the first several chapters, but I'm glad I stuck with it. All the best from R.T. at Beyond Eastrod.

  2. Welcome! I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice when I read it, I just need to take Emma or Persuasion seriously and not keep taking it on half-halfheartedly. I'm sure it'll come alive for me if I give it the attention it deserves.

  3. I have reviews of both Emma and Persuasion in my Classics section if that'll help. Emma is hard going to begin with but, as RT said, well worth sticking with.


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