Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Read of England 2015

In previous years I have done a bit of reading devoted expressly to England around St. George's Day on April 23rd. This time around, however,  I'm going whole hog -- April belongs to England!  The majority of what I read in the next four weeks will be English literature, English history, fiction set in England, books about English culture, biographies of famous English-types, books written in English -- okay, maybe not that broad, but you get the idea. I'm essentially carving out some space to read more Dickens or Austen.  There may be one or two non-English things sneaking in, but on the whole it will be a very English month.What to expect? Well,  The Armada by John Stack is sailing my way, so that's one at the very least,  and there are a couple of classics I want to poke my nose into.

And awaaaaaaaaaaaay we go! 

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