Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This week: Christmas

With the fourth Sunday of Advent behind us, I suppose it is  liturgically safe to bid one and all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I work all of two days this week, the rest of the time being spent feeling somewhat sorry for those in the kitchen.  (I may make a tomato pie, out of solidarity.) With the year’s end closing, I’ve decided to put aside all other reading and focus on Galileo’s Finger, so I can finish off that to-be-read list, that ‘read-what-you’ve-got-before-buying-anything-else’ challenge I imposed on myself back in May, before 2015 starts.   I’m halfway through, presently, and that’s further than I forged ahead the first time before getting distracted. (I'm started a thirty-page chapter on "The Quantification of Beauty". ) December has been a strange month to end the year with, what with all the devotionals and YA literature, but I was in the mood for outdoorsy stories and those were the ones which came to mind. It’s not over yet, though.  There's the Finger and at least that little book on the British home front during WW1 to look forward to. 

Happy reading, merry Christmas,  and don't eat too much!

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