Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Teaser Tuesday (20 May)

     "Sometimes all a reader can do is sit back and watch the words go by:

The same arrested relay of emulative métis underlies Oydessean architectural theory. For in the female invention 'of making threats adhere to one another' is also the beginning of architecture. The Vitruvian myth of aboriginal architects 'imitating' the weaving and daubing of birds' nests continues a widespread aetiology. (A.L.T. Bergen, 'The (Re)Marriage of Penelope and Odysseus: Architecture Gender Philosophy, A Homeric Dialogue' in The Ages of Homer, J.B. Carter and S.P. Morris, eds. [Austin, 1995], p. 210)

     It is hard to know whether we are reading about Homer or poring over the Time-Life series on home remodeling."

p. 138, Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom, Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath


  1. This author is merciless on academics --- great reading if you don't mind a little pro-Greek preaching.

  2. If you want something similar (but more readable I think) from the UK perspective I'd recommend: Where have all the Intellectuals gone? by Frank Furedi.

  3. Oh, this author is open; the bit below "All you can do is watch the words go by" is a review he is quoting to mock. Thanks for the further reading, though.


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