Friday, March 28, 2014

Bookshelf Organization

Yesterday Daisy  at the Broke and the Bookish asked about bookshelf organization.  Aside from two large collections, all of my books are organized by  general subject. This is perfectly sensible for the most part;  no one is surprised to find my science books together, or those on politics.  If a given subject has a lot of books in it (like my two European shelves), I organize by subcategories, so that my books on France are together, as are my books on Germany and the like. There are odd instances, I suppose; I put my books on the German language in with German history/culture, and ditto for my book on the French language.   I suppose I could have a language section, but for me it makes as much sense to put French with France, and German with Germany.  Fiction and nonfiction are interwoven at the moment;  Robert Harris' Pompeii is in with my Roman history books. The only exception to this sorting-by-general-subject is that I have two special collections; my Isaac Asimov collection, which is in a case of its own and encompasses everything from science fiction to history; and my Star Trek collection, which also has a case of its own albeit a smaller one.

There is of course another exception, and that is the great giant box of books that hasn't been sorted because I am out of shelf space. I do have a bookcase waiting to be put up, though...

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  1. I have two units organised around my degree studies. The rest are either in author clusters (fiction) or pretty random (non-fiction) which can result in some books being difficult to find - but as I've read most of them already it doesn't matter that much.

    My TBR pile(s) are actual piles so are generally stacked in the order that I buy them. It's one reason why I'm presently reading series of books in themes. Otherwise I'd just pick a book off the top of the pile and never get around to those I bought a while back.


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