Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Cumulative Reading List

Updated for the final time the day before yesterday, below is the list of this year's reads. Those in bold are superior favorites.

-- January --
1. Calico Joe, John Grisham (Fiction)
2. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins (Fiction)
3. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins (Fiction)
4. Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life  of an American Hunter, Steven Rinella
5. For the Love of the Game, Michael Shaara (Fiction)
6. Home from Nowhere, James Howard Kunstler
7. The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History, 1300-1850Brian Fagan
8. Copperhead: Ball's Bluff, 1862, Bernard Cornwell (Fiction)
9. Battleflag,  Bernard Cornwell (Fiction)
10. Patterns of Home;  Max Jacobson, Murray Silversteinand Barbara Winslow
11. Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, Jeff Speck
12. The Bloody Ground, Bernard Cornwell (fiction)

13. Waiting on a Train: the Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service in America, James McCommons
14. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (Fiction)
15. The Seven Wonders, Steven Saylor (Fiction)
16. Star Trek Cold Equations: The Persistence of Memory, David Mack (Fiction)
17. The Space Between: A Christian Response with the Built Environment, Eric Jacobsen
18. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith, with apologies to Jame Austen (Fiction)
19. Selma: A Novel of the Civil War, Val L. McGee (Fiction)
20. Railroad Stations: the Buildings that Linked the Nation, David Naylor
21. Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities, Jeff Mapes

-- March --
22. On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Faultlines, and Future; Karen Elliot House
23. A Week at the Airport, Alain de Botton
24. Through Painted Deserts, Donald Miller
25. The Universe Within Us: the Shared History of Stars, Planes, and People, Neil Shubin
26. Shift, Jennifer Bradbury (Fiction)
27. Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, Mary Pipher
28. Hey Mom, Can I Ride My Bike Across America?, John Siegel Boettner
29. Sundays in America, Suzanne Shea
30. Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile, Taras Grescoe

-- April --
31. 1356, Bernard Cornwell (Historical Fiction)
32. The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs
33. Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: the New Geopolitics of Energy, Michael Klare
34. A Spectacle of Corruption, David Liss (Historical Fiction)
35. The Plain Reader: Essays on Making a Simple Life, edited by Scott Savage
36. The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander
37. History of the English Speaking Peoples: The New World, Winston Churchill
38. Crunchy Cons, Rob Dreher
39. Chimpanzee Politics, Frans de Waal

-- May --
40. eaarth: making life on a tough new planet, Bill McKibben
41. Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion (Speculative Fiction)
42. Buddhism without Beliefs, Stephen Batchelor
43. The Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Fowler (Fiction)
44.  Folks, This Ain't Normal: A Farmer's Advice for Healthier Hens, Happier People, and a Better World, Joel Salatin
45. The Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul
46. Garbage Land: on the Hidden Trail of Trash, Elizabeth Royte
47. Star Wars: Fool's Bargain, Timothy Zahn (Speculative Fiction)
48. The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World, Michael Pollan
49. The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance, Russell D. Roberts (Fiction)
50. Just Ride: A Radically Different Practical Guide to Riding Your Bike, Grant Peterson
51. Chain of Thunder, Jeff Shaara (Historical Fiction(
52. The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century, James Howard Kunstler
53. Never Done: A History of American Housework, Susan Strasser
54. How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, Paul Tough

-- June --
55. Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, Michael Moss
56. Against the Grain: How Agriculture Hijacked Civilization, Richard Manning
57. Disrupting the Rabblement, Niall Doherty
58. Jayber Crow, Wendell Berry (Fiction)
59. Alexander Hamilton, Rob Chernow 
60. The History of Money, Jack Weatherford
61. The Story of my Experiments with Truth, Mohandas K. Gandhi
62. American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic, Joseph Ellis 
63. Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, Mary Roach

-- July --
64. Edens Lost and Found; Dale Bell, Joseph D'Agnese, and Harry Wiland
65. Simplicity: Essays, Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus
66. His Excellency: George Washington, Joseph Ellis 
67. The Price of Everything, Russell D. Roberts (Fiction)
68. What It Means to be a Libertarian, Charles Murray
69. Star Trek TNG, Cold Equations: Silent Weapons, David Mack (Fiction)
70. Day of Reckoning, Patrick Buchanan 
71. Getting There: the Epic Battle Between Road and Rail in the American Century, Stephen Goddard
72. Brand Failures, Matt Haig
73. The Choice: A Parable of Free Trade and Protectionism, Russell D. Roberts
74. It Can't Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis (Fiction)
75. French Kids Eat Everything,  Karen Le Billon 
76. An Outline of French History, René Sédillot. 
77. Hannah Coulter, Wendell Berry (Fiction)
78. A Higher Call, Adam Makos
79. The Unschooling Handbook: How To use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom, Marry Griffith

-- August --
80. The Conservative Mind, Russell Kirk
81. 1632, Eric Flint (Speculative Fiction)
82. What Are People For?, Wendell Berry
83. Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell
84. Your Inner Fish, Neil Shubin
85. Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton
86. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and ReligionJonathan Haidt
87. The Making of the Fittest, Sean B Carroll
88. Trains and Lovers, Andrew Maccoll Smith
89. Save the Males: Why Men Matter and Why Women Should Care, Kathleen Parker
90. Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of  the Modern American Libertarian Movement, Brian Doherty
91. Paleofantasy, Marlene Zuk

-- September --
92. Star Trek: From History's Shadow, Dayton Ward
93. Two Sides of the Moon, Alexei Leonov and David Scott
94. The Astronaut Wives Club, Lily Koppel
95.  Two Fronts, Harry Turtledove
96. Satisfaction Guaranteed: the Making of the American Mass Market, Susan Strasser
97. Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir, Tom Jones
98. The Sky Is Not the Limit: Adventures of an Urban Astrophysicist,  Neil deGrasse Tyson
99. Home Economics, Wendell Berry
100. The Disappearance of Childhood, Neil Postman
101. Free to Choose, Milton Friedman
102. The Working Poor: Invisible in America,  David Shipler
103. Born to Buy: the Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture, Juliet Shor
104. Field Grey, Philip Kerr
105. Uncommon Carriers, John McPhee
106.  Crabgrass Frontier: the Suburbanization of the United States, Kenneth Jackson

-- October --
107. Taft 2012, Jason Heller
108. The New Faithful: Why Young Adults are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy, Colleen Carroll
109.  The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger, Marc Levinson
110. Greek Ways: How the Greeks Created Western Civilization, Bruce Thornton
111. Star Trek Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures, Christopher L. Bennett
112. Bicycle: The History, David Herlihy
113. The Fear Index, Robert Harris
114. Misquoting Jesus, Bart Ehrman
115. The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels
116. Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, Reza Aslan
117. Just the Two of Us: A Cycling Journey Across America, Melissa Norton
118. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, Bill Bryson
119. Hitler's Peace, Phillip Kerr

-- November --
120. Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris
121. Plane Insanity, Elliot Hester
123. Sharpe's Siege, Bernard Cornwell
124. A Consumers' Republic, Lizbeth Cohen
125. Nathan Coulter, Wendell Berry
126. The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis
127. Train TimeRailroads and the Imminent Reshaping of the American Landscape,  John Stilgoe
128. The Last Human, G.J. Sawyer et. al
129. Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer
130. The South vs. The South, William Freehling
131. The Man Who Cycled the World, Mark Beaumont
132. Martin Eden, Jack London
133. If the Dead Rise Not, Phillip Kerr
134. The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage
135. Sharpe's Revenge, Bernard Cornwell
136. Down the River, Edward Abbey
137.  No Plot? No Problem! Chris Baty

-- December --
138. The Next Christians, Gabe Lyons
139. Into Thick Air, Jim Malusa
140. Things Fall Apart, Harry Turtledove
141. small is beautiful: economics as if people mattered, EF Schumacher
142. Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder
143. The Other Side of Western Civilization: Readings in Everyday Life, ed. Stanley
144. Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Thomas Sowell
145. A Scientist in the City, James Trefil
146. The Phantom Menace, Terry Brooks
147. The Wolf Strain: A Western Trio, Max Brand
148. The Men Who United the States, Simon Winchester
149. The View from the Summit, Sir Edmund Hillary
150. Sharpe's Christmas, Bernard Cornwell


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