Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Reading

"I began to wonder what personal ideas I believed that weren't true. I believed I was not athletic enough; too stupid; I believed I had to go to college; I believed the Astros were a more important team than the Mets; I believed that jeans that cost $50 were better than jeans that cost $30; I believed that living in a certain part of town made you more important than living in another. I looked up at the cosmos and it had no scientific proof that any of this was true. The cosmos wasn't telling me that I was stupid; it wasn't telling me that one pair of jeans was better than another. The cosmos was just spinning around up there, as if trying to creature beauty for beauty' sake, paying no attention to the frivolity of mankind  And I liked the cosmos. I liked the cosmos very much. It seemed that it understood something, perhaps, humanity did not understand."

p. 11, Through Painted Deserts. Donald Miller.

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