Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teaser Tuesday (23 October)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish event in which bloggers share excerpts from their current reads, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

"Remember , don't look up!" one of the sewer workers, affectionately known as the "flusher" within the industry, called to me. The rungs were now dripping with sewer water -- millions of pestilent microbes yearning to enter our bodies. They'd told us countless times not to look up and I'd just watched Rebecca carefully avoid doing so, no matter how many times I called to her, trying to trick her into it. Only an idiot would look up.
"What?" I said, looking up. A droplet burst apart on my right cheek, splashing within a millimeter of my eye.

p. 112. Flushed! How the Plumber Saved Civilization, W. Hodding Carter

Common folk reserved their most intense scorn for those who brought on the war yet refused to serve in it or grow enough food to support it. 'The crime is with the planters", wrote an angry Georgian to the Savannah Morning News. "As a class, they have yielded their patriotism  if they ever had any, to covetousness...for the sake of the money, they are pursuing a course to destroy or demoralize our army -- to starve out the other class dependent on them for provisions." Another asked: "What class has the most interest in the war and has made the most money by it, and sacrificed the least to maintain it? It is the class known as the planters."

p. 85, Bitterly Divided: the South's Inner Civil War, David Williams




    Your teaser is good. THANKS.

    My teaser is below.

    Silver's Reviews

  2. Where is the library you have as your background?

  3. It's the great reading room of the New York public library. Is it Magnificent or what?!

  4. It is beautiful.

    I was in the Mid-Manhattan Branch for a book conference on September 29, but have never been in that library.

    Next time I visit my son, I heading to the New York Public Library. :)



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