Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday (3 April)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly book-related event in which we share tidbits from our current reads. Play along at Should Be Reading!

Crossing his arms over his chest in what Tom sensed was feigned annoyance, Cambridge said, "I don't recall either of you gaining access to my castle in order to destroy my death ray."
"Yeah, sorry about that," Harry said without conviction. "Truth is, we got a little...what would you say?" he asked Tom.
"Bored, right," Harry agreed. "Feel free to destroy the galaxy whenever the mood strikes you, your lordliness."

p. 44, Star Trek Voyager: Children of the Storm


  1. Wow, a man with his own death ray! He must be hard to shop for. Lovely teaser.


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