Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rodrick Rules

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2: Rodrick Rules
© 2008 Jeff Kinney
224 pages

Greg Heffely is just a kid whose parents make him keep a journal. It's a good thing, though, for at least it gives him something to confide in. His parents are oblivious to the cares of a middle-schooler, his best friend Rowley is kind of a dork,  his young brother Manny just absorbs information to tattle-tell later, and his older brother Rodrick is as big a bullying brother as they come.  He has a lot to tell,  too -- like the prank he played on a friend who moved away and then returned, the time Rodrick locked him in the basement and then threw an illicit high school party (with girls),  and the unfortunate decision to invite his mom to watch him play a Dungeons and Dragons clone.. The book uses a font which mimics handwriting (much like the California Diaries series), and the text is illustrated by crude characters (drawn by Greg) to portray his side of the story. Greg isn't always a sympathetic protagonist, but many of the stories within had me roaring.

(I kid-sat my nephew today and read this while he played some wrestling game after our return from the park. :-p)

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