Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Week at the Library (26 June)

This week at the library...

I checked out:

  • Sharpe's Trafalgar, Bernard Cornwell
  • Creations of Fire:  Chemistry's Lively History from Alchemy to the Atomic Age,   Cathy Cobb and Harold Goldwhite
  • and The Final Storm, Jeff Shaara, the finishing touch on his World War 2 novels which takes place in the Pacific. 

I'm still reading Radiation in Modern Life, which is proving to be an eye-opener, though I had to return The Age of Faith and The Cat Who Walks through Walls because of a library computer error. I'll pick Age of Faith back up next week: the library's computer system has a problem with my account in which it fails to register which books I have checked in and out. I like to think I've checked out so many books at the library in my life that I've overwhelmed the system.   I also have Jared Diamond's The Third Chimpanzee which I bought a week or so ago.  I'm anticipating making a couple of purchases next week (a couple of new Star Trek novels, and my Bastille Day read).

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