Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A note to Wordpress users

For the past few weeks I have had a strange and recurring problem with Wordpress: when I try to comment on someone's post, my comments just seem to disappear. I hit "submit", and the page takes me to the post -- but without my comment having been added, and without a notice that it is pending moderation. At first I just started trying to reply over and over again, to no avail -- and then, hours later, I'd spot my comment right where it should be. At other times, it never appeared.  I'm not sure what is happening here, but I think all my comments were going straight to spam, for reasons unknown to me. (I only share links at Should be Reading and the Broke and the Bookish on Tuesdays).  This may be some miscommunication between my browser (Chrome) and wordpress's software.  

I'd started to assume that my comments were just floating around in the digital ether and would appear at some time, but I've talked with a wordpress user who doubles as a friend of mine, and she says none of my test comments came through.  This means that for several weeks my attempts to respond to people who have dropped by and commented here have been  for naught.  I make a point of visiting everyone who visits here: I think it only polite, so this is somewhat embarrassing.  If you're a wordpress user, I haven't been ignoring you -- my comments have just gotten lost somewhere!

In any case, I've created a wordpress username, and signing in seems to have taken care of that little problem.   ( I should be easy to recognize, as I used 'smellincoffee' just as I do here.)


  1. Both you attempts at my blog, with or without Chrome came through. One of them landed in the spam and had to get rescued and the other one just awaited moderation since you hadn't been commenting before. Either way, I scan my spam before hitting delete, so it got rescued :-)

  2. Spam seems to be where all of them are going, but I have no idea why! I haven't had any problems since logging into Wordpress, so perhaps this won't be an issue again. Thanks for keeping me updated, though. :)


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