Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Week at the Library (26 Jan - 2 Feb)

In terms of blog news, I've linked the entries in the cumulative reading list up with their respective reviews and comments. I also added a new label, 'occupational accounts', which applied toward 50 Jobs in 50 States and Waiter Rant. I enjoy reading about occupations; I used to follow blogs from policemen, soldiers, and so on. It's not a genre I've read much from here, though there's one book (Hack: How I Stopped Worrying About What to Do with My Life and Started Driving a Yellow Cab) I'm sort of interested in.

I started this week off with Beyond Band of Brothers, the memoirs of a recently  deceased parachutist, which I remain ambivalent about. Electric Universe kept me busy through the weekend, fascinating me with science, the transformation of society, and tales from history I'd never heard before. On Monday evening I realized I'd been sent a galley to review exactly a week before, only I didn't realize  it. I opened 50 Jobs in 50 States up to look at its prologue, and remained reading for a couple of hours.  Generally impressive: I especially enjoyed learning the details of all the many jobs, though some of them -- especially the chapter in a meatpacking plant -- were gruesome.  Lastly, I read another entry in the Titan series, one which has fun with the space-time contiuum.

2011 Nonfiction Reading Challenge Update:
Since the challenge began, I have read six applicable books, three of which I added this week:
Beyond Band of Brothers (Memoir)
Electric Universe (Science)
50 Jobs in 50 States (Travel).

My tally thus far:

  • Science (2)
  • Travel (1)
  • Money (1)
  • Memoir (1)
  • Undetermined  (1) [Rise and Fall of Bible, either culture or art. Not sure yet.]

Next Week's Potentials:

  • From Here to Eternity, Jim Jones. I have been reccommended The Thin Red Line, but it's second in a trilogy of swords. From Here to Eternity examines life in the pre-war army, and inspired the movie that turned Frank Sinatra's career around.
  • Depending on what arrives in the post, I may finish off the Typhon Pact series with Paths of Disharmony, or start the much-hailed Vanguard series. 
  • First World War by Keegan is probably a keeper, though I haven't started it yet. 
  • I also have my usual dates with St. Gus. 


  1. I want you to read Hack so you can tell me how good it is. Surely a taxi driver must have some awesome stories to tell.

  2. Well, yes ma'am. :-p

    It gets sweeter -- the cabby is a 20-something girl.


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