Sunday, October 17, 2010


Earlier this afternoon a friend brought the social community for bookworms ("Shelfari") to my attention, and I found it hospitable enough to register an account for my use. I liked the idea of being able to survey a virtual bookshelf of everything I've read in recent years, so I invested a little time this afternoon in adding everything from the TWATL archives to my shelves.

Okay, maybe more than a little time. Point is, now my Shelfari account has everything I've read here on the blog, minus a possible percentage of books that I overlooked. I also added some of the books I read in 2006 and 2007 prior to getting in the habit of raiding nearby libraries on a weekly basis. Because I filled the shelves from most recent to oldest, the most recently added books may be new to you: this blog's original home was on something called a "MySpace" account and those first posts were copied to my archives when I made the switch to Blogger.

I'm interested in meeting other bloggers and readers who have shared their books on Shelfari; my username there is listed above, and if you want to hunt me down via email address, just tack on I will continue to update Shelfari in the future with books I'm reading or want to read, and will add a link to the sidebar once I find an appropriate but tidy place to stick it.


  1. I have an account with Shelfari (user name is Joy H), but I haven't updated it in many, many months. Also have accounts with Library Thing and Good Reads. I think they all three have good and bad points. Yes, I like that virtual bookshelf, too, but I've always found Shelfari a little hard to use. But thanks for reminding me about it - I should go back and do some updating.

  2. I have a Shelfari account, although I'm not on it as often as I'm on Blogger or anything. (I'm Golden Eagle.)


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