Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (28 September)

 In the heady days before consent forms and drop-of-a-hat lawsuits, patients didn't realize what they might be in for if they underwent surgery at a teaching hospital, and doctors took advantage of this fact. While a patient was under, a surgeon might invite a student to practice an appendectomy. Never mind that the patient didn't have appendicitis. 

(p. 30, Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Mary Roach.)
The lover cannot paint his maiden to his fancy poor and solitary. Like a tree in flower, so much soft, budding, informing loveliness is society for itself, and she teaches his eye why Beauty was pictured with Loves and Graces attending her steps. Her existence makes the world rich. 

(p. 104, The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson. "Love")


  1. You must read some of the most interesting books. Where do you find them ? Great teasers :)

    Come by and see the Teaser I chose

  2. I am not sure if Stiff is my kind of book!

    My teaser is here

  3. Great teasers! I probably wouldn't read Stiff though; seems a little too gory for me.

    My teaser is from Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

  4. Stiff sounds interesting... and the other is a classic, love it!

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  5. Ewwww....Great teaser! My TT from Linger is here.

    From the Shadows

  6. I remember hearing stories like that. So maybe all the legalese isn't such a bad thing.

    My teaser is here.

  7. @ the BookishSnob: I usually just bump into them!

  8. Two excellent teasers! I've always enjoyed Emerson, although it's been quite a while since I read any of his essays. I agree - you do read some really interesting books!

  9. Now this teaser gave me a total chill! Thank goodness there are some sageguards against that kind of behavior today!

    I'm certainly going to look this book up!
    Thank you!

    ~ Amy

  10. Love the Emerson teaser. It's so different from the "Stiff" teaser.

    Very cool!

    ~ Amy

  11. Happy Teaser Tuesday everybody! Hope you will check out my teaser for Tempted (House of Night #6) by PC Cast and Kristin Cast! by the way anyone who features my novel The Thirteenth Chime on a Teaser Tuesday can add there blog link here and they will be featured on my Facebook and Twitter!

    Emma Michaels


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