Monday, August 30, 2010

Disease Fighters Since 1950

Disease Fighters since 1950
© 1996 Ray Spangenburg and Diane Kit Moser
164 pages

Spotting this excited me, as Spangenburg and Moser's history of science series (On the Feet of Giants and its expanded and revised successor) were delights for me in the past two summers. Disease Fighters is less a history of medical science and more a collection of interrelated biographies in science. The authors frequently tell what the scientist in question discovered, but never explain what that something is. There's not a lot of science here, and the only audience I imagine it being useful to are children and teenagers who  are curious about careers in the medical field. Possibly they might be inspired by these stories of people who put their minds to work for the benefit of all humanity.

Medical Firsts, Robert Adler
The Greatest Benefit to Mankind, Roy Porter

These are both titles in medical history.  Porter's is grander in scale.

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