Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Week at the Library (28/7)

This week...

  • Dynasty of Evil, Drew Karpyshyn concludes the Darth Bane trilogy on a short but fitting note, as both Bane and his apprentice prepare for a confrontation that will decide the future course of the Sith while the Dark Lord is hunted by a princess intent on revenge. 
  • The Buried Age by Christopher L. Bennett was a highlight, bridging Michael Jan Friedman's Stargazer series and The Next Generation. Following the loss of his ship Stargazer, Picard pursues a doctorate in archaeology but is soon involved in a historical mystery of galactic proportions. Bennett offers a book robust with Trek references, intense character drama, and a  fascinating sci-fi plot.
  • I finally finished Simon Schama's Citizens, a narrative approach to the French revolution that reconsiders the usual ideas about its origins and development.

Upcoming Reads:

  • Finishing up La Belle France by Alistair Horne
  • The Captive Queen, Alison Weir; biographical novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine. 
  • To the Indies, C.S. Forester. I may or may not prepare to bid farewell to Forester's Hornblower series: this is the only Hornblower novel/collection I've not yet read. 
  • Don't Know Much About Mythology
  • The End of the Beginning, Harry Turtledove

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