Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (29/6)

Teaser Tuesdays are out of this world, from ShouldBeReading.

With deliberate composure, Ellie left the assembled group crowded around the consoles and returned to her office. She closed the door very carefully behind her.
"Holy shit!" she whispered. (Contact, Carl Sagan. p. 79)


  1. Brilliant teaser. I have not read that book. Was the movie Contact based in it? If so I shall need to read the book. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/06/teaser-tuesdays-unspeakable.html

  2. I'm planning to start something similar called: "In the Beginning" - which is basically the first few lines or so of the next book I read. I'll see how it pans out to see if its worth continuing.....

  3. Great teaser. Here is mine: The Lancaster Rule

  4. Jennifer: Yep! It's dedicated to Sagan, if memory serves. I recently rewatched the movie and spotted the book in someone else's blog, so I decided to return to the book. I read it years ago, but I've forgotten most everything except the basic plot and some incidentals that the movie picked up on.

    CyberKitten: Sounds interesting: I wonder how often the opening lines from a book offer a clue as to what the rest of it will be like. I've read some opening sentences that do it perfectly, and others that are wholly unremarkable.


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