Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (9-3)

It's Tuesday again, and time for teasing. As ever, this meme's home is Should Be Reading.

"What major are you most interested in?"
"What's the easiest?" I said.
"Home economics," he said.
"What's the next easiest?" I said.
"It's between sociology and library science," he said. "To my certain knowledge nobody has ever flunked either."
"Which one got the most girls in it?" I asked.

p. 28-29 Tomatoes are Cheaper, by Max Shulman. When planning a college career, one should have goals in mind.


  1. Funnily enough I chose *my* college because it was on a single campus - so I didn't have to walk too much - had a good library - I like books (obviously) - and was 70% women....... [grin]

  2. My own campus is similar, and when I'm away...I rather miss the atmosphere. ;)

  3. GREAT teaser! Though, I have to find fault with your flouting the rules and using more than just two sentences. What happens to our society when we ignore the rules?! ;) Hahahahahahahha!

  4. Chaos, madame! Chaos!

    That is my aspiration.


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